The Great Minnesota Choral Get-Together

[sg_popup id=22][/sg_popup]My first ACDA-MN Summer Dialogue was at St. Olaf College, and I was actually there as a section coach for the MMEA All-State Mixed Choir. I was 26 years old, and Anton Armstrong was conducting the choir. In the years that have followed, I have come to realize that Summer Dialogue is the place where ACDA members gather to share our hopes, ideas, and struggles.

I have grown to count on this gathering to keep myself connected to my colleagues, to meet new friends, and to stay relevant and young. This year we return to St. Olaf for our annual gathering. I need it like I need the State Fair. I see my friends from across the state, eat good food, learn innovative things to do with my choirs…and this year there is a Beer Garden (Beer Choir)! I hope you will join me for the best week of summer – The Great Minnesota Choral Get-Together!

Susan Zemlin
Conference Chair and ACDA-MN Vice President
Blaine High School